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We believe that good and wholesome products can only be produced from the best possible raw materials. Making yoghurt from our own organic milk, on the farm will give us that assurance!

Milk is used as it comes from the cow, we don’t remove anything and we don’t add anything, other than the culture blend.

Clearwater's Cream Top Yoghurt is mildly acidic and can easily be eaten by itself, but if you want to add flavour the best way to do this is adding in-season-fresh-fruit and/or some honey.

Clearwater’s Cream Top Yoghurt has a different texture than what you may be used to. This is mainly because it is "set in the pot". It is made like this to minimize the manufacturing steps and maximize the product integrity.

You'll find that some whey will start to separate as you scoop the yoghurt from the pot. You may prefer this texture or you may prefer ordinary yoghurt texture. If you want to create ordinary yoghurt texture and reduce, whey separation, just give the yoghurt a good stir until the texture becomes smooth.

You will also find some cream on top, this is because we use whole milk, which isn’t homogenised. If you prefer low fat yoghurt, you may want to remove the cream and find a willing taker.

Which ever way you prefer it.......enjoy it!

We make the yoghurt in 300 gram, 700 gram and 2kg pots for retail sale.We also make yoghurt in larger containers for commercial users.

Our latest creation:

Cream Top Yoghurt with a touch of Organic Clover Honey       

Cuisine Magazine Artisan Award 2011 winner!  We remain true to our brand promise, “Totally Natural”, as this product consists of only Organic Milk, Probiotic Cultures and certified Organic Clover Honey. Nothing is added or removed from the milk, not homogenised, no thickeners, no preservatives, no sugar and off course gluten free. Comes in a 300g pot.


Our Product Range:

Natural Cream Top Yoghurt - Available in 300g, 700g and 2kg.

Topless Yoghurt (Fat Free) - Available in 300g, 700g.

Cream Top Apple & Cinnamon Yoghurt - Available in 300g, 700g.

Cream Top Honey Yoghurt - Available in 300g, 700g & 2kg

Rice Pudding - Available in 300g & 700g


Non-Organic Clotted Cream - Available in 225g



Frequently asked questions:


Why Pot-set yoghurt?

Taste the pot set difference! Many yoghurts are mass produced using gelatine, starches, food acids, milk powder or evaporation. But Clearwater's Cream Top Yoghurt is different. Our yoghurt is set in the actual pot you buy and therefore does not need these additives or processing aids. Clearwater's use only fresh organic dairy milk and ‘friendly’ probiotics. It’s pure and simple.

The result? Clearwater's unique, thick and creamy texture that’s delicious and good for you. Enjoy Clearwater's Cream Top Yoghurt. Made the natural ‘pot set’ way. 

Can you please advise whether the plastic containers have BPA in them?

 We are pleased to give the assurance that our packaging is free from BPA (bisphenol A). BPA is used in certain kinds of plastic. Various news reports and studies suggest a link between BPA bisphenol A and cancer. BPA is also claimed to have hormone mimicing qualities. To find out more about BPA click on  the following link

Is the milk for making the yoghurt pasteurised?

Yes the milk has been pasteurised!
We get the milk fresh from the cows (our factory is next to the milking shed) and put into a vat where it is heated to 90deg and held for several minutes at that temperature. This is the pasteurisation process.

There are 2 main reasons:

  1. It's the law. 
  2. By giving the milk an extensive time at a high temperature the protein is denaturised, which helps get firmer setting yoghurt without the need to add milk powder, gelatine or any other stuff, so we can keep it Totally Natural; nothing added nothing taken away!
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