Clearwaters Organic Dairy


"Thanks so much for making the best yoghurt I've tasted in 20 years! Keep up the good work, I don't know what I'd do without this yoghurt for breakfast!". Cindy, Auckland
"Thank you so much for making a yummy and healthy yoghurt.  It took me a while to find the list of ingredients only because the list was so short! Your product was passed on to me by my friend, I will have to pass this secret on to others so they can stop buying yoghurs with 10 ingredients in them."  Lynda
I just wanted to commend you for your Cream Top Yoghurt. Its taste takes me back to my childhood and the freshness it brings to me while eating it, makes me think of how simple things can be beautiful.   Svetozar
Thank you so much for sharing such a great product with the rest of New Zealand!  Your yoghurt is simply THE BEST I've ever tasted and I'm a yoghurt freak, so that says it all!  Your packaging is intelligent and you're selling at a reasonable price, making this the only possible choice.  Vicky-Lynn
Thankyou for your superb  product which IS THE VERY BEST IN NZ  and the best that I have tasted anywhere in my extensive travels. Bridget, Papakura, Auckland 
"It is by far the best yoghurt I have ever tasted in New Zealand. With its cream top and none of the additives such as gelatine, starches, food acids or milk powder that are often part of the ingredient list of mass-produced yoghurts, it tastes incredibly good and, shall I say, like French yoghurt yay!" Christelle Le Ru
"My husband and I have been to NZ 4 times in the past 18 months and always have your your cream topped yoghurt. My husband says it is the best yoghurt in the Southern Hemisphere and I agree." Jenny
"Holy Moly! I never thought plain yoghurt could taste this delicious!There's not a hint of bitterness that I normally find in plain yogurt and it's so creamy without being fatty. If I could marry this yogurt I would." Annabel
"I declare it the best yoghurt in New Zealand bar none. It is simply divine. Delicate, soft, nurturing, creamy yet not fatty in the mouth. Superb!!! I hope I can continue to access it." Niki, Franklin-Auckland.

"Oh my god. I have just had my first taste of your cream top yoghurt. It is sensational. My wee one year old and I enjoyed it on buckwheat apple pancakes with a little home made raspberry jam. I think we died and went to heaven."  Sian, Dunedin.

"I just want to say that your yoghurt is seriously the best I have tasted since living in NZ..It's pure and natural taste is like a breath of fresh air. It is great to see a NATURAL product on the shelf's which does not need to add constant preservative's to make a good product."   Maxine, Oamaru.

"How have I ever lived to date without your yoghurt…..just the most tastiest in the world...thank you…I have been eating it for a year now and tell everyone I know about your product.  Thanks again."     Anna, Dunedin. 

"Like no other yogurt I have ever tasted, creamy and rich, yet not too rich!  I swear it reminded me of drinking the cream off the top  of the silver top milk bottles we got as a kid! I am hooked!" Sean.

"I have never tasted such a fantastic yoghurt in my life! It is so smooth and 'soft' tasting. What would normal last me a week laugh mine is nearly all gone considering I only brought it last night had it with fresh fruit yummmmmmmmm! And there is no tangy taste left on your tongue. Truly amazing quality and delicious. Gosh and I used to think organic products where overpriced haha."  Evelyn

"Just wanted to let you know that I think that you are producing the best yoghurt on the planet! An as a recently returned NZ'er I'm so proud that the best yoghurt on the planet is being produced here. And was even more excited, after trying your product in Christchurch then returning home to Wellington, to find that I can buy it here. Keep up the brilliant work -- you are an inspiration!" Meena Kadri

 "bought a large pot of your yoghurt at Ponsonby Nosh yesterday.
Thank you so much. The last time i tasted yoghurt this good was as a tourist at a streetside stall in Afghanistan in 1977.  This is amazingly wonderful i'll be recommending it."  Lesley Christensen-Yule (author of  A Cook's Bible, and The New Zealand Chef)

"This is the most delicious yoghurt I have EVER tasted! Nothing like those other natural yoghurts I used to buy! "  Kezia

Yours is definitely the best yoghurt we've ever had and we've been enjoying it since it first became available in this region last year.  Thank you for a superb product. Lorraine, Motueka.

"This is the Best Yoghurt ever....I love it. I have to hide it in the back of the Fridge!!! "  Debbie

"We're Canadians travelling in NZ & we just bought your unsweetened yogurt at a New World store in Dunedin and we loved it so much we wanted to write & thank you for such a wonderful product! "
"We've never had it with cream on the top, and boy was it good! But not just the cream on top, the whole flavour & consistency was like no other yogurt we've ever had. Simply fantastic." Lisa & Brad Speer
"I just wanted to let you know that I bought your cream top yoghurt for the first time today at Freshchoice Nelson, and I have never tasted such a fantastic yoghurt in my life!  It is so smooth and 'soft' tasting I had to eat quite a lot already. We have just had it with fresh blueberries and strawberries - delicious.
We run a small B&B and I shall definitely be serving it for breakfast from now on."
Alison McLeish,
Highgate B&B
75 Kawai Street, Nelson
Tel/Fax:  0064 3 548 9998

"What an exciting discovery I made!!
Thank you for making the best yoghurt my family has ever eaten. I never imagined that we might find such a quality in a yoghurt. I have no hesitation feeding it to my 14mth old daughter. Congratulations on a superb 'Creamy top yoghurt'."
Kindest regards, The van Soest family

We are so impressed with your yoghurt! We moved to NZ 6 years ago (from Europe) and have never tasted anything alike! We can't imagine that there exists any better yoghurt than yours in this world!  Sabina and the whole family.

"Easily the best I have ever tasted, and I will never, ever buy another kind of yoghurt. It makes me realise just how over processed and dead other brands are.  Thank you for a wonderful product and I only wish your philosophy would spread to all our food manufacturers." Sue, Christchurch

Wow! I just tried your yoghurt for the first time. It ranks as one of the best to my taste.  
Thanks for making such delicious yoghurt.
” Peter Wilson.

I recently came across your wonderful yoghurt - easily the most delicious yoghurt I have found in New Zealand.  I wanted to congratulate you on it.
Internationally renowned, award winning writer, novelist, broadcaster, lecturer, social activist and shamanic practitioner, Leslie Kenton

Just wanted to say "fantastic yoghurt". Really great to find such fresh and tasty organic produce, our country needs more of it.” Philip Hurring

I bought some of your yoghurt while in the south island recently and absolutely love it!!!” Sharyn Woodnorth

I prefer a bit sour taste but still I'm satisfied this yoghurt very much, which I wanted for a long time.
No sweet and' perfect!
” Aoi

"just to say I do love your yoghurt, I have it first thing every morning and I can feel it going all the way down !!
 (I think I am a healthy 70 year old )  and I am sure your yoghurt will help me stay that way.
 Keep up the good work ."  Thelma Boyce
"Just a quick email to give you some positive feedback in regards to your Organic Yoghurt. We are a family of 5 living in Ashburton and have been purchasing your product for some time. Both my wife and I and our 3 young girls love your product and wish you all the very best. So nice to see a Mid Canterbury business creating such a nice tasting natural product. Many Thanks." Guy and Jayne.
"Thanks - your yoghurt is delicious - best I've had outside India, where it is also fermented in pots." Fi Johnstone
"Your yogurt is by far the best I ever tasted in New Zealand. Well done." Rudi Schnitzler
"I am just writing to say I love your Yoghurt ( I am addicted to it lol)" Karen
"BEST YOGHURT EVER!!!! Just bought  some on thursday, love the creamy goodness" Gareth Reid

Having tried the various plain organic yoghurts on the market over the years your is definitely the best.

"Thanks for an excellent product." Lorraine Lister 
"This is the most beautiful yoghurt I have ever tasted!!" Kim, Ashburton
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